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02/20/2014: From the Owner

Effective Immediately:
 Due to HKS of Japan suspending production of their aviation engines, Hawk will no longer be able to offer The HKS SLSA/ELSA versions of our aircraft. We will continue to offer the Rotax 582 and 912 versions.

Hawk is initiating a Rotax 582 swap out program for any SLSA aircraft with the Rotax 582. The intent is to keep these units in the air training instead of sitting idle waiting for rebuilds. If you’re interested in purchasing a Hawk 582 SLSA, we will be happy to discuss this program with you. NOTE: this applies to SLSA aircraft only.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some misinformation being spread by some of our competitors. All of our aircraft are accepted and meet all requirements for amateur built aircraft as they have since 1982. In fact, the majority of Hawks are registered on the FAA registration website as amateur built aircraft. So, if anyone says they’re not, they’re wrong.

Also being spread is that we are out of business. I’ve even heard from potential customers that they were told by one of our competitors that we had filed bankruptcy. This is NOT true. The company is debt free on my own private property in my own private building and all is paid for. I’ve received offers to sell to foreign interests but up to now, I have declined them. As many components as possible are proudly made in the USA. I hope this clarifies the misinformation being spread by those whom wish to see the hawk disappear.

Danny Dezauche


01/06/2014: I would like to thank all those who have purchased new aircraft

01/06/2014: In the future, CGS will be omitted and the Hawk name will be retained

01/01/2014: We are happy to announce our first Canadian dealer

01/01/2014: Dream Air Adventure of Lonoke Arkansas is now fully operational

12/27/2013: Effective 01/01/2014 Phoenix Manufacturing will temporarily cease production for inventory

6/18/2013: Hawk Arrow II Gains Canadian Advanced Ultralight Status

6/13/2013: Factory Rebuilt Single Seat Arrow, and Hawk Hauler Trailer for Sale

4/24/2013: New Flight School to Train with Hawk SLSA's!

4/1/2013: HKS-700E Powered Hawk SLSA in Production Certification Testing


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