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History of The Hawk

CGS Aviation grew out of "Chuck's Glider Supplies."  In the early 1970's, Chuck Slusarczyk designed, built, and sold hang gliders and various associated supplies.  Shortly thereafter, he began experimenting with the powered hang glider, propelled at the time by small direct-drive go-kart engines.  The propeller was bolted directly to the crankshaft of the engine and turned at high (5,000-6,000 rpm) speeds.  Chuck realized that this design was not efficient.

With this shortcoming as impetus, Chuck successfully designed and produced a power system implementing a reduction drive to turn a larger-diameter, more efficient propeller.  By 1977, Chuck's Glider Supplies had become a leading manufacturer of hang gliders with a successful division producing power plants for a variety of ultralights.  For his pioneering efforts, Chuck was awarded Patent No. 4.262.263, "Powered Hang Glider with Reduction Drive."  By 1979, Chuck's Glider Supplies was manufacturing 80% of all drive systems used in the ultralight industry.

In October, 1979, Chuck's Glider Supplies became CGS Aviation, Inc.   In early 1980, CGS conducted a market study at Sun N Fun and also Oshkosh to determine the features of an ultralight most desired by pilots.  The "Hawk" was the end result of that study.  The first prototype took to the air in January 1982.  The CGS Hawk's debut was in March, 1982, at Sun N Fun air show held in Lakeland, Florida   There, the findings of the market study were proven out as the Hawk took top honors, winning Best New Design for 1982.  The Hawk again took top honors for Outstanding New Design and Reserve Grand Champion that same year at the EAA International Convention held in August 1982 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  One year later, again at Oshkosh, the Hawk won the prestigious Dupont Kevlar ARV (Air Recreational Vehicle) Design Competition hands down over a field of over 126 ARV designs.

When the CGS Hawk debuted in 1982, it was the first fully enclosed ultralight.  It was also the first ultralight to use full strut bracing, and incorporated full 3 axis controls (including conventional steerable nose or tail wheel).  The CGS Hawk was also the first ultralight to utilize fully functional wing flaps.  Following the Hawk's leadership, competitive designs have since followed  and entered the market, but even after 32 years none of them possesses the form, function, and and owner loyalty the CGS Hawk enjoys.  The CGS Hawk, still remains the standard of comparison for the ultralight/light aircraft industry around the world.

The CGS Hawk design definitely paved the way for others to follow, and in 1999 Chuck Slusarczyk was one of the first three ultralight pioneers inducted into the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame during its inaugural year.

Awards & Achievements

Since It's Begining, the CGS Hawk is the Ultralight to Beat!

1982 - Best New Design Sun-n-Fun

The CGS Hawk was debuted at Sun-n-Fun, March, 1982, Lakeland, Florida where it took top honors winning "Best New Design."

1982 - Outstanding New Design EAA Oshkosh

The CGS Hawk again took top honors in August, 1982, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the EAA International Air Show Convention winning its top honor "Outstanding New Design."

1982 - Reserve Grand Champion EAA Oshkosh

The CGS Hawk also was awarded Reserve Grand Champion at the EAA International Air Show Convention, August, 1982.

1983 - DuPont Kevlar ARV Design Competition

The CGS Hawk came out on top in the prestigious DuPont Kevlar ARV Design Competition winning First Place over a highly competitive field of 126 manufacturers/designs.  The contest consisted of five categories: design, engineering, flying performance, appearance, and portability with 20 points awarded for each category.  The Hawk received a perfect score of 20 points in every category except portability where it received a score of 19.

Peruvian Air Force

A fleet of 15 CGS Hawks were purchased by the Air Force of Peru for an experimental flight training program in 1992, and are still in service to this day.

1995 - Reserve Grand Champion, Sun-n-Fun

EAA Hall of Fame

1999 CGS Hawk Designer Chuck Slusarczyk was honored by being chosen one of the first three inductees into the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame in its inaugural year.

1999 - Winner of World Air Games Competition, Turkey - 1st Place: Hawk Sport

2001- Winner of World Air Games Competition, Spain- 1st & 2nd Place

2002 - US Ultralight Championships - 1st Place Fuel Endurance: Hawk Sport

2003 World Microlight Championships, England - 3rd Place

Two out of three members of the American Fixed Wing Team used CGS Hawk Sports for the competition.

2003 - Sun-n-Fun - Best Construction Kit: Hawk Arrow II

2003 - Sun-n-Fun - Best Classic Ultralight: Hawk Classic/Sport

2004 - Sun-n-Fun - Best Ultralight Trainer: Hawk Arrow II

2004 - Sun-n-Fun - Outstanding Fixed Wing Ultralight: Hawk Sport

2004 - WigWag Competition- 2nd Place: Hawk Sport

WigWag is an international-competition-style training camp attended by those seriously interested in world competition.

2004 - US Microlight Championships - 2nd, 3rd & 4th Place: Hawk Sport

2005 Sun-n-Fun - Outstanding Fixed Wing Ultralight: Hawk Arrow II

2005 WigWag Competition - First Place: Hawk Sport

2006 Sun-n-Fun - Best Type Construction Kit Ultralight: Hawk Arrow II

2006 US Microlight Championships - First Place: Hawk Sport

2008 Sun-n-Fun - Reserve Grand Champion Light Sport Aircraft: Hawk Arrow II

2009 Sun-n-Fun - Grand Champion Light Sport Aircraft: Hawk Arrow II

2010 Sun-n-Fun - Reserve Grand Champion Ultralight: Hawk Ultra

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